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We are the largest ecosystem of digital solutions for dairy and beef livestock farming in Latin America. Our goal is to make farming more sustainable with the help of technology.

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About Us

Rúmina is an animal agtech company offering digital solutions for animal welfare, farm management, logistics, and farming credit, helping dairy farmers of all sizes save millions in antibiotic usage, reduce their environmental footprint, and better manage their farms. 

Founded in 2019 by the union of OnFarm, Ideagri, Volutech and Rúmicash, we are already present on thousands of farms across Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay and working with the main players in the dairy and beef industries.

At Rumina, the farmer is always in first place. Determined to make a difference, we want to democratize and simplify the adoption of technologies in the livestock market– through biotechnology, sensors, software, financial solutions and artificial intelligence.

Our vision is to collaborate with dairy farmers worldwide and use technology to move towards a more sustainable production, leapfrog productivity, and make sure the human race can live on a biodiverse and regenerative planet while not giving up on the food that we’ve been eating for thousands of years.

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